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What is video metadata?

Simply put metadata is data about data. Video metadata includes information like video title, description, thumbnail, duration, upload date, tags, et cetera. Search engines like Google depend heavily on video metadata to show search results. Youtube uses metadata and the number of views to show search results. Video-on-demand services like Netflix use metadata to show recommendations.

What are the different types of video metadata?

Descriptive Metadata
Descriptive metadata is data that gives actual information and description of the video like the title of the video. It also enables users to access resources on the web. Descriptive metadata includes curatorial information, specialized indexes, annotations by users and creators.
Structural metadata
Structural metadata describes the structure, type, and relation of data. It includes information like title, author, keyword, et cetera.
Administrative metadata
Administrative metadata helps in the short-term and long-term management of videos. It contains data on creation and quality control. It also includes rights management, access control, and use requirements.

What do we need video metadata?

Search engines rely on crawl bots for determining the relevancy of a page for search results. Crawl bots depend on text content and backlinks to the webpages. In the case of videos, these bots cannot automatically crawl on the videos. The crawls depend on the text associated with the videos like title, description, duration, tags, et cetera to optimize their results. This is where video metadata comes in handy.