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What are Video CTAs?

CTAs or call-to-actions are extensively used in advertising and marketing. These are designed to get a prompt response and it encourages an immediate sale. This button helps to get a required response from the viewer. Websites and videos tend to use these frequently.

It has become a very crucial part of videos, as it can contribute to the factor of how relevant your content is and how many people have watched the video.

Most commonly used video CTAs:

If you want to give out information, you can use CTA’s like:
1. Show me how
2. Learn more
3. Download now
4. Visit us today
5. Read more
6. Subscribe

If you want access to the visitor's contact information:
1. Apply now
2. Register now
3. Try it for free
4. Book now

If you want to make the customer buy a product:
1. Buy now
2. Upgrade to premium
3. Add to cart
4. Sign up

Facebook Video CTA

Not all social media platforms allow you to add a CTA. Facebook and YouTube are the largest social media platforms that allow you to insert CTAs in the middle of the videos.

This is preferable because the first few seconds are pretty important to introduce the product. If you put the CTA towards the end, there are chances of you losing viewers who quit watching halfway through.