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The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Why should you use videos?

As many of you know the video has been playing a major role in our everyday lives. A video can enhance your website's performance.
-Videos are more capable of engaging the audience and grabbing their attention.
You can increase sales by building brand awareness
-Grow market share by launching new products or services that make it easier to target new customers and also acquire new customers and reduce churn which means the number of consumers that leave your company and make sure that your customers are satisfied
-Improve stakeholder relations by entering new markets internationally or locally.
-It not only enhances customer relationships but also improves internal communications.
-Increases your profit and videos are a great form for revenue generation.
-Generates a high volume of qualified leads, to give your viewers the right information and makes people get involved with your product.
-Increasing brand engagement, if your videos are good and informative and have the right length people will be interested in buying the products. It will also make sure that people will watch the ad because rather than reading a long text they will prefer to watch a video.
-Up-sell, make people buy things that are more high end than the product they currently want like instead of a chair make them buy a sofa. And cross-sell is something complementary that can be purchased with their products, for example, if you take car insurance and you are suggested to take life insurance too.
Some of the other important uses of videos are, re-brand or re-position, increase your web traffic, conversion rates can be increased, follower count, name recognition, SEO, build industry authority, establish your credibility.