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What is a Storyboard?

Storyboards are graphic organizers which are in the form of illustrations and images that are in a proper sequence. The main purpose of this is to pre-visualize the screenplay for the motion video, animation or a movie.

How to create a Storyboard?

Storyboards are created in multiple step processes that can either be hand drawn or digitally created. The main aim of creating storyboards is to help visualize camera angles and shots before the actual shooting process has begun. Storyboards are used to test the reactions of the audience and determine which scene creates more impact on viewers.

Types of Storyboards

A storyboard can take many forms. For movies, it is a shooting board that has a sequence in which the events take place. For theatres, it is used as a layout, whereas for animation it gives the look and feel of the animation.

Traditional Storyboard

A roughly drawn storyboard that helps in figuring out the story

Concept storyboard

Rich in colour, it tries to find an atmosphere for the video.

Colour storyboard

Here the colour plays a dominant role. It is a coloured sketch of the entire video

Animation storyboard

Here the animation of the storyboard is frame by frame.

Presentation storyboard

This is kind of storyboard is used to sell an idea to a client. So this is well prepared and elaborate with details