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What is retained image?

Also known as ‘image sticking’ or ‘ghosting’ happens when you keep a fixed image on TFT LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) for a long period of time you can experience a phenomenon known as retained image. This is where you can see a faint outline of a previously displayed image that remains visible on the screen that is still visible on the screen when the image changes. This can occur at various levels of intensity which depends on the specific image makeup and the amount of time the core image elements are allowed to remain unchanged on the screen. It is only when an image other than the retained image is shown on the screen, is when the issue becomes evident.
The liquid crystals in pixels and sub-pixels are utilized to display the static images that are polarized in such a way that they are not able to return to their prior relaxed state after it is deactivated this results in a faint, visible, retained image in which the panel represents a new different image. The rate at which an image can be retained depends on the various factors like specific image, how long it is displayed unchanged, the temperature that is within the panel and the specific panel brand because of the manufacturing differences among the panel manufacturer.