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What is a processed image?

The method to convert an image to a digital form in order to perform some operations on it. This will help in getting an enhanced image or get some useful information from it. It is a type of signal dispensation in which the image becomes the input like a video frame or a photograph and the output can be an image or any characteristics associated with the image. While processing an image a two-dimensional signal is used to treat the image while applying an already set signal processing method to them. There are two types of image processing one is, analog image processing is used for hardcopies like photographs and printouts. The second one is digital image processing which uses computers for the manipulation of images. Steps for processing an image

How to process an image?

-Import the image with the help of an optical scanner or a digital photograph.
-Then happens the analyzing and manipulating an image that includes data compression and image enhancement and spots the pattern that is not visible to the human eye like satellite photographs.
-The last stage is the output where the result can be an altered image or a report which is based on image analysis.

Why to process an image?

-It helps in visualization to observe the objects that cannot be visible.
-It helps in sharpening and restoration of an image to improve its quality.
-You can also seek the image and retrieve it.
-It also helps to measure the patterns in the image.
-It helps in recognition in various objects in the image.