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What are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are digital footages used to give an illusion of motion. They are mainly purpose-driven whose goal is to convey information to the audience with the help of animated texts or graphics. It tends to be more commercial and client-driven.

Style of animation in Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are often fluid, bouncy, and vibrant to capture the viewer’s interest. The elements of a motion graphics project can be animated depending upon the software’s capacity. The elements can be art, texts, photos etc.

Tools to create Motion Graphics

With the advancement of technology, many software has come up for digital graphics which can be used to create motion graphics. Listed below are some of the popular tools to create motion graphics:

1. Adobe Photoshop: It is a must know tool for any motion graphics designer.

2. Adobe Illustrator: It is a vector based software that helps you create logos, shape objects, vector background etc.

CINEMA 4D: It is one of the most popular software to create 3D modeling, animation and motion graphics.

Adobe After Effects: It provides high quality customized visual effects and also helps create and control great motion graphics work.