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What are in-stream video ads?

Ads that are played before, during or after the streaming video, animation, games, and music video that the viewers have requested. In-stream videos appear in a player and appear live, archived, and downloadable streaming content. In-stream ads normally 15-30s long. 15s is considered an optimal length.
The majority of in-stream video ads have a ‘Skip This Ad’ button. In-stream ads tend to interrupt a user’s online experience. Skippable ads give a choice of whether to skip the ad or to watch it till the end. Skippable ads are more effective as the choice results in higher tolerance and a positive attitude towards the ads.

Linear video ads -
Linear video ads are the most basic format of in-stream video ads. Like TV commercials, they interrupt the main video content. Linear ads can contain interactive components or be followed by a companion ad. Linear ads take place over the full video played space.
Nonlinear video ads-
Nonlinear video ads are often referred to as ‘overlay video ads’. These ads run simultaneously with the streaming video content. The users can see these ads without any interruption.