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What is HTML5 Video?

The video element was introduced by HTML5 to play videos. It has become the new standard of showing videos instead of Adobe Flash.

The rise in usage of HTML5 video

In 2010, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would stop supporting Adobe Flash in all Apple mobile devices. After this announcement number of sites started using HTML5 videos instead of Adobe Flash.

In 2013, Netflix started supporting HTML5 videos. In 2015, Facebook and Youtube also moved from Adobe Flash to HTML5.

What is the Video SEO schema?

Video SEO helps in improving the ranking of videos on search engines. The process involves creating video metadata relevant to what people are searching for and building content that helps generate traffic.

Video schema markup helps explain the content of the video to search engine crawl bots. Without a schema, search engines will only have the details of the video’s title, description, and thumbnail.

With schema markup, we can add details like length of the video, copyright details, video transcript, etc.