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What is high pass filter?

Usually used in an audio system to allow high frequencies to get through while filtering or cutting low frequencies. A high pass filter is used with small speakers to remove bass. In most of the cases these filters are inbuilt into the speaker but in some of the elaborate do it yourself kind of speaker setup, high pass filters can be wired to the system. Some brands of microphones have a selectable filter. Such kind of devices are used for a higher-end recording and they automatically block sounds below a specific hertz rating. These settings are useful when the recording in places like office buildings or warehouses where the HVAC system maintains a low rumbling sound. These filters will capture the signal while eliminating the noise. A high pass filter uses the same technique to eliminate or reduce input below a specific threshold. They way it works is not specified. Some of the filters offer a hard cap. That effectively silences noise below the threshold, while others tapered off the signal below a certain point. Editing software like Audacity and Premiere Pro offers high pass filtering options while editing videos and audios.