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What is H.265 Video Encoding (MPEG-H)?

The H.265 video encoder (also known as High-efficiency video encoding or MPEG-H) is a video compression standard aimed to be the successor of the H.264 video encoder (MPEG-4 part 10 or AVC). It provides 25 to 50% better compression than H.264 video encoding at the same level of video quality or improved.


In H.265 Video Encoding, different frames of the video are compared to find redundant areas within a single frame and between consecutive frames. This is then encoded by motion vectors which predict the quality of the given blocks in the next frame. The residual information is then encoded by binary compression.

Benefits of H.265 Encoding

In the case of live encoding, the expectations are a 35% reduction of the bandwidth which is similar to H.264 encoding. It can support up to 8K UHD resolution.

H.265 encoding provides up to 50% more compression than H.264 encoding