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What is H.264 Video Encoding?

H.264 video encoding (also known as MPEG-4 Part-10 and Advanced Video Coding) is a block-oriented motion compensation based video compensation standard. It was built hoping to set a standard that is capable of providing good quality videos at significantly lower bit rates without extremely complicating things.

H.264 has become a video encoding standard for Blu-Ray discs, Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube

What is the Encoding process of H.264?

The encoder processes frames of video in units called Macroblocks (16X16 pixels). It then forms predictions based on previously coded data. It could be from the same frame (called intra prediction) or from other frames (called inter prediction). Then, the coder subtracts the prediction from the current Macroblock and forms residual.

Applications of H.264

H.264 video encoding offers great flexibility in terms of compression options and transmission support. It is used in HD-DVD, Blu-Ray discs, HDTV broadcasting in European countries, internet video, etc.