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What is cost er view?

The amount of money required to pay by advertisers for every instance that their video ad gets played is called cost per view.
Cost per view acts as an alternative to the long-established impressions based model used in digital marketing. Video ads run longer than the usual one-two second criteria for impressions. This makes cost per view to be a more effective way to measure the interests of the audience. Google and the company TubeMogul first endorsed the cost per view model to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in 2011.

How does cost per view work?

Advertisers and publishers can access softwares and platforms to monitor user responses. Publishers can get information like the number of times users use skip, the amount of the ad present on the user’s screen, the amount of time the ad was allowed to play, et cetera. With this, the publishers determine the amount of money owed by the advertiser according to predetermined rates.