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What is communication network?

A communication network is a collection of terminal nodes. Here links are connected to enable communication between the terminals. Nodes use methods like circuit switching, message switching or packet switching for transmission of signals to the correct terminal.

What are the uses of communication network?

Communication network helps in interactions and information over large distances. Television networks can broadcast their programs using a communication network.

What are the different types of communication structure?

Chain structure
As the name suggests, the chain structure forms a line. The communication travels up and down the line passing through each terminal between the source and the destination. Each terminal can communicate directly to only the terminals before and after it.
Wheel Network
In Wheel network information travels from one terminal to the rest of the terminals. The other terminals mainly communicate with the central terminal. It is a fast way of communication. The breakdown of one terminal does not affect the rest. But the network goes down if the central terminal does.
Mesh Network
In a star network, signals can flow in any direction and all the terminals can directly communicate with each other. The breakdown of one terminal will not affect the whole network.