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What is color?

Color is a characteristic of the visual perception of humans. Colors can be seen by humans when the light falls on the cone cells of the eyes. The color of the light depends on its wavelength and intensity. The science of color is called chromatics, colorimetry or color science.

Color is considered to be 3 dimensional due to its 3 unique aspect.
Hue identifies colors. It describes the wavelength od the light. Hues are just not one wavelength of light. Each hue contains an entire array of wavelengths. Hue is the founding dimension of color.

Chroma is also known as saturation. It tells the intensity and purity of a hue. A hue is most vivid in its natural state i.e 100% saturation. At 0% saturation, only the monochrome luna component remains.

In terms of color, value refers to the degrees of light reflected. It measures how light or dark the color is. Adding white makes a color lighter and creates tints. Black darkens the color and creates shades.