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What is chromatic aberration?

Chromatic aberration occurs when lenses fail to focus all colors at the same point. It is caused due to the dispersion of light. Chromatic aberration is of two types. Lateral chromatic aberration is the variation of wavelength. The burning effect can be seen in the edges of the image and not in the center. Axial chromatic aberration occurs due to differences in the magnification of each color. It results in blurry colors in front of and behind the image.

How to fix chromatic aberration?

Lenses with fast apertures are prone to axial chromatic aberration. One way of fixing chromatic aberration is to stop down the aperture. Lateral chromatic aberration can be fixed only in post-processing programs like Lightroom. Chromatic aberration can be reduced by avoiding high contrast situations like harsh outdoor lighting, indoor backlighting, et cetera. Zoom lenses can cause chromatic aberration at their most extreme short and long focal length. It can be avoided by zooming towards the center.