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What are Branded Videos?

Branded videos are a new form of advertising. It can be easily identified due to logos and product placements. To engage the viewers in branded videos the content needs to be good. The best content can connect with the viewers emotionally. Contents that are funny, emotional, heartwarming or educational connect with the audience more.

Types of Branded Videos

1. Round-ups: Round-ups are videos that have a list of content that surrounds a particular theme. The videos can be anything like a list of best pizzerias, the best things to buy, the best places to visit.

2. Humorous video/skit: Making humorous videos help with connecting with people and increase their engagement.

3. User review: People tend to ask their friends or search online before they buy anything. User reviews can thus generate awareness amongst the people.

4. Product tour: Telling your viewers about how your products can help their lives and showing them how to use it through videos can be much more helpful to engage the viewers than plain texts.

5. Announcement videos: Announcement videos can be used to create excitement about a new product launch, store opening, etc