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What is a branded content video?

Branded video content is used to support a specific message or a mission while keeping your company in the background. Branded videos are not made to sell a product but to help people connect with your company. To humanize your business, connect emotionally with people and strengthen your brand voice.

What are the key features of a good branded content video?

To connect with people you have to humanize your brand. And centering your video on human characters is one way to do so. Focus on the values that your brand believes in.
Make use of storytelling. Let people connect with the protagonist or the cause you are supporting. Being unique will help generate interest amongst people.
A branded content video should not be self-promotional. And your brand should be in the background.

Why should you use branded content videos?

With the rise in the use of Ad-blockers and a market filled with various similar types of advertisements, a good branded content video can help you stand out from the crowd.