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What Is Blooming?

Blooming is a phenomenon that occurs when a large amount of light is focused on a single point of a camera’s light sensor. This causes bright light to appear like supernovas and consumes up to a big portion of the frame.

What are the reasons for blooming?

An image sensor or a CCD is an array of photovoltaic cells. It converts light into electricity. Each pixel has one cell and when one cell receives more light it generates a more electric charge. Thus it gets recorded to be brighter than other pixels. Blooming occurs due to a large amount of light falling on the sensor. This creates excess charge which bleeds into other pixels creating a blooming effect.

What are the best ways to prevent blooming?

The best way to prevent blooming is to avoid the sun or any other bright source of light in your photos. Shooting the sun at sunrise or sunset is fine. Using a hood on your lens can prevent stray lights. And increasing the shutter speed might also help you prevent reducing the sunlight depending on the type of your camera.