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What IS Automatic Iris Control?

In cameras, the iris is part of the lens that controls the amount of light that can enter the camera. The intensity of the luminescence of an image can affect its quality. Automatic irises are motorized so they can automatically adjust the opening according to the lighting conditions. The camera controls the auto-iris using a 4 pin connector. There are two types of auto iris. In DC-iris the control of the motor is in the camera and in video iris, the control is in the lens.
Auto iris with a fixed focal length can provide a lot of technical imaging solutions. Auto iris with its electronically controlled irises helps them maintain one light condition, thus making them suitable for outside conditions.

What are the different types of irises?

Fixed iris
In fixed iris, the opening of the lens cannot be adjusted and is suitable for indoor shooting.
Manual iris
In the manual iris, the opening can be adjusted physically. It is mainly done before the installation. It works similarly to fixed iris as access to the camera after installation is difficult.
Auto iris
Auto irises are motorized thus they can adjust itself according to the lighting conditions.
P iris
P iris consists of a stepper motor that helps in more precise control of the aperture.