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What Is ATSC Standards?

Advanced Television System Committee or the ATSC standards was created in 1982 to create a technical standard for all advanced television systems. It specifies the technology that is needed to be used for transport, format, compression, and transmission of digital television (DTV) in the United States. Countries like the US, Canada, Mexico, and South Korea have converted to ATSC standards.

What are the ATSC standards in videos?

The ATSC standards support a number of different television resolution, aspect ratio, and frame rate. ATSC uses the MPEG transport stream.
Transport stream
Transport stream is a media container format. It can contain various audio and video multiplexed within the transport stream.

What are the other standards?

Other standards like DVB-T, ISDB-T, and DTMB co-exist with ATSC. ATSC has been criticized for being overly complicated and expensive.