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What is A/B testing?

A/B testing or split testing or bucket testing is where you compare two versions of the similar things to see which works better can be an image, website or a video.

When it comes to websites and images A/B testing is one of the most commonly used techniques these things have grown old with the developments, now is the era of videos, easy entertaining and convenient, but A/B testing in the world of videos it is pretty much new. Since a video is capable of garnering the most attention on social media, makes it is important to know, what is right for the video and what isn’t.

How to A/B test with video?

When it comes to videos there are a lot of things that one would like to test, it can range from sound to lights to content. What will work the best and what will keep the viewers engaged. This is where A/B testing comes in handy.

Some elements you can A/B test with:
1. Title – A good title can help in improving your viewership
2. Length – Too long videos become disinteresting, and a turnoff
3. Content – Find a video that is more appealing to the audience. Some videos gain more views due to their content.
4. Creativity – The choice of your font, the size, the placement and how indulging your script is, and these factors can take a video long way.
5. Call to action (CTA) – Towards the end of the video a simple interaction with the viewer like a poll or a ‘click here’ helps in getting a response from the audience.

Importance of A/B testing

You know you have done your best in making the video. But what your audience thinks matter. You have done good work, but why isn’t the video getting any views? What if a smaller video works or maybe a one with better voice over? Or a better font. To find out which makes more sense and gains more viewers. That is why you need to test your videos.