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The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Dynamic images with a form-based interface.

Dynamic images using custom templates with inputs from form responses. Modify content & generate variants at scale in seconds.

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Why your brand needs form to image automation?

How does form to image work?

  • Personalize campaign assets at scale

    Create a one to one experience by personalizing the sales outreach campaign to customize the solution for a prospective client.

    • Collect prospect data.
    • Use from the image-maker for personalized banners.
    • Spearhead sales campaign by tripling conversions.
    Personalize your videos for business outreach
  • Facilitate User Generated Content

    Reach audiences at a global scale by localizing the images using the form to image maker & catering to their needs effectively.

    • Embed form to your website.
    • Collect information from the users onsite.
    • Create images in a multitude of languages.
    Read how our client integrated Rocketium's API to facilitate UGC creation
  • Create A/B variants effortlessly

    Advertising teams can use forms to the image maker to create multiple variants & choose the high performing image.

    • Create a simple & short form.
    • Generate multiple variants to the image.
    • Run A/B tests on banners to optimize CTR.
    Check our our blog on A/B testing for videos

Looking to accelerate campaign performance at quarter the budget?