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Car sale, repair or rent - Your message, our car banner.

Automate the process of building a hyper-relevant visual banner to drive more conversions using Rocketium's car banner maker.

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Where to use car banner for high conversion

  • Campaigns for a dealership, rentals or repair - Create banners at scale instantly

    • Use our API to log texts, images, and logos to templates.
    • Get banner designs created for multiple target platforms in seconds.
    • Personalized banners with custom offers & message relevant to each cohort.
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  • Increase revenue with enterprise grade vendor advertising solution.

    • Add a button to the website using our white-label editor software.
    • The button is now accessible to vendors to create image/video banners.
    • Control over brand compliance by setting the features & templates available to vendors to design a car banner.
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How India's leading Lifestyle Community integrated Rocketium's API with their mobile app, allowing their users to make videos with a click of a button

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Tips to supercharge conversions with car banners

  • Effective product awareness with high-quality images of your product

    Using high-quality imagery to explain the features & benefits to attract & convert prospective buyers, efficiently.

  • Stick to color & messaging that resonates best with your brand

    Sometimes, keeping it simple does the trick. With the right CTA, keep text & images in the banner to the point.

  • A CTA built to click

    Increase CTR with a relevant CTA that potential buyers can’t resist but click.

  • Know what works best

    Run multiple A/B tests to test out the banner that resonates the most with your target audience.

Banner automation is what many businesses swear by to multiply leads - To know-how

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