The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Create end-to-end campaign briefs and share them with teams

Update, track and share all elements of a brief, collaborate to win together, save templates and styles, or create and track projects with assignee status.

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Save high-performing components: Templates, presets and styles

Identify them and share high-performing templates as visual cues within briefs. Save presets with a group of elements to save and use; save styles with the position of elements as they interact with each other. Make one-click changes to new banners.

The team at Groww collaborates to rapidly experiments at scale

The processes at Groww are both agile and meticulous, fueled by Rocketium’s collaborative automation solution. They have seen a massive spike in CTRs, through timely experiments.

Create and assign design requests

Create a pipeline for design requests, assign it to respective team members. Sort projects by owners, and priorities. Ensure that you remove all task management bottlenecks from the creative workflow.

Winning with large-scale sale assets: Purplle

Purplle, known for its largescale sale campaigns, creates and updates offers on products from over 1000 brands instantly, through spreadsheet imports. They have noticed a 6X improvement in go-live time while changing offer values for a large catalog of products.

Tag and find media with contextual metadata

Add custom metadata to each request for additional context, reuse past campaigns and designs to iterate faster on the brief. Paint a timely, visual picture to team mates and minimize changes once ready.

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