Create visual content for your clients in minutes

Add image and video creation services to your offerings without expanding your team. Run high ROI ad campaigns, or build brand awareness on social media with visual content.

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Make images and videos in minutes

Leverage Rocketium's award-winning editor and back-end systems to create visuals for your clients.

Widen your service portfolio

Provide software solutions and services around visual content--without building or maintaining your own technologies.

Co-create visual content solutions with us

Arrange volume pricing and form a strategic alliance with us. Work with our battle-tested video and image creation expertise.

Grow with your clients

Remove operational bottlenecks and earn considerable ROI by making videos at a fraction of your selling price.

What you get with Rocketium

Fully-customizable visual content solution

Unlimited scalability at wholesale pricing

Millions of royalty-free media assets and templates

Co-develop solutions with personalized support

Join our Affiliate program and earn with referrals

Let Rocketium heavy-lift your video automation needs

Customize our enterprise-grade image and video creation SDK to produce hundreds or thousands of visual content in minutes

Customize input sources and add personalized fields

Add personalized fields in your video or image content – first name, company details, location, or custom fields from your product.

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Use REST APIs to automate image and video creation

Generate visual content in bulk and directly publish thousands of content on the fly. You don’t need a dedicated dev team for this.

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Run UGC (user generated content) on social media

Enable your client’s users to create a fun, dynamic and engaging video through a form on a web page or inside an app.

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Completely Customize Your Solution

Create amazing experiences for your clients and their audiences

Configure Rocketium to best fit your project’s specific needs. Customize the workflow around business processes and service offerings.

  • Build custom integrations
  • Control the visual content editor’s look, behavior, and user flow
  • Use databases as input sources for content customization

How agencies benefit with Rocketium

Widen your service portfolio

Increase your client base with video services and stand out amongst your competitors

Grow with your clients

Earn great ROI by making videos at a fraction of your selling price

Co-create video solutions

Build custom solutions on top of a battle-tested video backend service, in no time.

What Can You Do With Rocketium?

Make Rocketium your own and take advantage of our powerful editor. Provide a range of services for every creative need. Here are some examples...

Advertising and performance marketing

Product videos

Bite-sized product videos at scale with product information such as price, specifications, images

Local language ads

Video ads in multiple local languages using Rocketium-powered automatic translations

A/B testing

Multiple versions of ad creatives with different styles and content to optimise on returns

Video ads and retargeting

Run personalised retargeting ad campaigns based on the user activity on your client's platform

Personalised marketing

Transaction e-mails

Videos with customized messages on sign up, purchase, refund, abandoned carts.etc.


Collection of products based on the product purchase and browsing history of individual users

Offers and promos

Videos with product discounts and offers based on purchase history and browsing history

Video campaigns

Personalised videos to every user based on their journey and seasonal greeting messages

Social Engagement and UGC


Run UGC campaigns to enable customers to create branded videos with logo and color palette


Banners, posters, and quick takes in vertical format tailored for various social Stories products

“Help” videos

Large collection of videos on long-tail keywords to attract traffic and interest on Youtube

“Hub” videos

Longer videos to supplement hero videos and brand messaging on social platforms

Don’t Take Our Word for It.

What Customers Say

quote icon Excellent product and customer service. We plan on building an entire business around Rocketium's technology. quote icon
quote icon We have integrated Rocketium's API with our CMS and our journalists are creating quality videos with an experience similar to writing an article. quote icon
quote icon Quantity is our biggest ROI. We're able to make more videos with existing resources, without compromising the quality. quote icon

Our best-in-class video solutions

Automate video creation using REST APIs

Rocketium Code

Automate video creation using REST APIs

  • Convert database listings to videos
  • Make personalised videos in real-time
  • Get custom branded video templates
Integrate a video maker in your website

Rocketium Button

Integrate a video maker in your website

  • Enable video creation for your users
  • Get a fully customizable video editor
  • Access presets templates for quick use

We Grow With You

Build on top of an amazing, pioneering product by our development experts.

Our agency partners love Rocketium’s deep and dedicated support. We co-develop custom automation solutions with you--perfect for your current and growing infrastructure.

Consolidate your visual content requirements across brands and clients, while earning referral and lifetime commissions on every solution sold.

Partner with Rocketium

Agency subscription

Consolidate your video requirements across brands and subscribe to an annual retainer plan with Rocketium.

Solution developers

Co-develop video automation solutions with Rocketium’s deep support. Earn lifetime commissions on every solution sold.

Referral champions

Refer Rocketium to existing customers and earn lifetime commissions on every opportunity that is closed.