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Tips for Writing Amazon Product Descriptions

Many people prefer doing business on Amazon because this form of e-commerce has numerous advantages. For example, it doesn’t require high start-up costs so one doesn’t need to have money upfront. While some businesses take thousands of dollars to get started, Amazon allows you to begin with items you have at home right now. All you need to start selling is just a few basic tools, such as a computer, a smartphone, some boxes, tapes, and address labels. Note that you don’t have to manufacture any products because you can offer things that other people have already created and marketed. Since you don’t spend much time and money on manufacturing, you can build your business quickly and efficiently. 

Finding first clients might be a nightmare, so people choose Amazon where hundreds of millions of potential customers are already buying something. According to some statistics, this platform claims 49% of all e-commerce sales in the United States. This means that you shouldn’t worry about attracting new buyers because this website makes you visible to people. What’s more, Amazon’s reputation automatically transfers to your business and adds credibility to your company. People are confident that by ordering on Amazon, they can get authentic products in just a few days. Looks very beneficial, doesn’t it?

Amazon seems to be a perfect option for business people. However, you must take into account that it’s a highly competitive platform, so you need to stand out from the crowd in order to be successful there. If you are wondering how to do it, here is the answer: create a killing product description. Let’s find out what it is and learn how to make it.

What is a product description and why is it important? 

The main aim of a product description is to characterize the thing you are selling. Most importantly, it must answer possible buyer’s questions and contain high-quality photos or videos. Product description should be done with the consumer’s needs in mind. Hence, it requires an appropriate tone and accurate details. When writing a copy, one needs to make sure that it focuses on the product’s main features and benefits. It must be not only authentic and trustworthy but also drive the consumer’s emotions. 

Talking about the importance of product description, let’s consider consumer psychology. When someone looks for a product online, typically a person finds it on several websites that offer the same product description. How does it make an individual feel? Probably, frustrated. Identical product descriptions are usually not helpful as they don’t respond to all questions and objections. Additionally, this is a sign that those companies don’t really care about their customers. Therefore, the product description is your chance not only to demonstrate authenticity but also to prove that you care about customers and your brand is worth their attention. 

Tips to write a perfect product description 

Learn your target audience  

At the very first stage of product description writing, you need to define your target audience. Find out which features could be of most interest to your buyers by creating a buyer persona. Most marketing students do it at college but if you didn’t have such experience, it’s not a big problem. For example, you can learn about creating a buyer persona from websites like writingbros. Note that while writing a product description, you need to realize how people land on your page, what their interests are, why they should be interested in your specific shop, how they would describe your product to a friend and what features interest them most. Keeping all this in mind will help you create a copy that sells.

Focus on key benefits instead of features

As a seller, you probably feel excited to share all of the great qualities of your products. However, potential buyers are not necessarily interested in the product features. Instead, they are willing to know how exactly it can benefit them. That’s why you shouldn’t provide factual statements with technical information about the product. It would be better to tell how the thing can improve the buyer’s life. Learn how to translate features into benefits to make your text more persuasive. 

Get inspiration from essay examples to tell the story

Experts say that emotions significantly influence buyer behavior. Hence, your product description should elicit them in order to convince the reader in making a purchase. But how can you achieve this? One of the best ways is telling a story to your potential customers. To learn more storytelling, you can check samplius with some great essay examples. You can see how to create a mini-story that will evoke feelings and convert your potential buyers into actual buyers. While writing a description, try to mention who originally made the product, what inspired them to work on it, what was the whole journey of making this product, and how it would look in the buyer’s day-to-day life. If you make people imagine your product in detail and experience some feelings towards it, they will be more likely to get it. 

Sound natural 

Read your text aloud and think if it sounds like a real conversation that you could have with a friend. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to add a little life into your words. To help people connect with your brand, use a natural tone in your copies. Try to avoid empty adjectives and sweeping claims, instead highlight the product’s benefits in simple language. Marketing specialists say that a friendly natural tone can make your business more memorable than the thousands of others on Amazon. 

Optimize for search engines 

In fact, everything you are writing on your store’s page must be optimized for a search engine. This is the most reliable way to attract new clients and convince them to buy your goods. The main thing that you need to do for SEO is keyword research. Discover what keywords suit best for your business and place them in the product description. To do that, you can use special tools that crawl the internet and analyze page rankings. 

Final thoughts 

Successful business on Amazon is impossible without a proper product description. To create it, you should tell a story through the text and pictures, which will differ you from competitors. Make it accurate and complete, so that your potential customers get a desire to buy from you.

Help Amazon users to understand how your goods can solve their problems and meet their needs. If you create an authentic product description that makes its readers feel special and unique, you will definitely boost your turnover.


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