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8 Proven Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Drive More Sales

Real estate marketing has grown increasingly creative in recent years. Developments like the wildfire popularity of social media channels and the rising use of smartphones have opened up new avenues of marketing, making it easier than ever before to secure leads and achieve conversions. In this dynamic and constantly-evolving playing field, how do you gain an edge? The answer lies in adopting the best ideas for real estate marketing and real estate lead generation.

If you’re wondering what the most effective marketing strategies for 2019 are, here’s the ultimate list of ideas that work:

1. Live Chat

Having a static website isn’t enough anymore. Improve upon this idea by introducing a live chat option on your home page. This gives visitors an opportunity to have their queries clarified real-time. In fact, 79% of the customers who prefer live chat do so because of the possibility of receiving an immediate response. 

And given that you’re in the real estate market, it’s almost inevitable that visitors will have a query or two about your listings. If you cannot have a service representative on the chat round the clock, make use of a chatbot to respond to messages from potential clients during the off-hours. And once your team comes online, they can engage in live discussions with potential clients. 

2. Social media engagement

Recent data suggests that internet users spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media platforms every day. That’s almost 10% of their day. Use this to your advantage and take your real estate marketing techniques to the next level by engaging with your followers on social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Do not limit your social media activity to merely posting listings about rentals or properties up for sale. Go a few miles further and interact with your potential customers. Reply to their comments, respond to their messages, and make use of interactive features like the poll option on Instagram’s story. This breaks the barrier and makes your followers more interested.

3. Constant and continuous content

The rush to stay relevant is real. Businesses across the world are struggling to strike the right balance between staying in the game without being too intrusive. Content marketing is one of the most effective tools to achieve this goal. Some rules can guide you on how often to create and post your content on the various social media channels.

And to really stay relevant, you need to produce quality content regularly. Blogs are, of course, one way to do it. Every real estate company needs to host an active blog as part of its real estate marketing campaign. But videos are just as indispensable, given the industry you’re in. And this brings us to the next sure-fire idea to market your business right.

4. Real estate video marketing

Images are no longer sufficient. Videos have caught up and even surpassed the popularity of images in many industries. Studies show that 72% of people prefer to learn about a new product or service through a video rather than plain text. Now, the good thing is that many real estate businesses and understand the importance of video marketing.

The downside is that they tend to limit themselves to property tours alone. Don’t make that mistake. Put up video tutorials on relevant subjects like tips to sell a home faster, or ideas to host a successful open house. Make personalized videos for existing as well as potential clients, and record video testimonials to make a greater impact. The ideas are practically endless.

Videos also tend to attract and engage more users on social media, and for a real estate platform, a well-executed Video Marketing strategy can work wonders! Here is an interesting take on social media for Realtors by our friends over at Mashvisor.

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5. Influencer marketing

It’s 2019, and if you haven’t tapped into the potential of influencer marketing, you’re lagging. Not only can influencers help you gain social leverage, but they can also help you gain the returns you’re hoping for. In fact, nearly 90% of all marketers have found that the ROI from influencer marketing is either as good as or better than the return from other channels.

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms on which you can utilize influencer marketing. If a listing in your neighborhood is unique, contact local influencers and bloggers and pay them to spread the word. Invite them to the listing and let them create their own content if they want to. After all, they know their audience better than anyone.

6. Use stunning media for real estate advertising 

All kinds of marketing rely on media like images and videos at some point. However, these elements play a particularly significant role in real estate marketing. The importance of photography in real estate cannot be stressed enough. The numbers show that homes with quality photos sell over 30% faster.

Now, why not go one step further and make use of a defining element in your photos, so your listing makes a lasting impression on a viewer? For instance, use an eye-catching centrepiece or a set of vibrant drapes that make your listing stand out. If a potential buyer looks at 10 houses a day, you’ll want them to remember yours, won’t you?

If you're promoting short-term rental properties, here is a very helpful guide on Vacation Rental Marketing created by our friends over at IGMS. Additionally, a rental property calculator to deliver insight into home rental potentials. It's convenient in terms of receiving the complete forecast by just entering the address.

7. Set up a virtual open house

The effectiveness of an open house hasn’t died out. However, to stay in the game, you need to keep up. A regular open house means that people will have to take the time out to physically arrive at the property. With the world spinning faster on its own axis and business hours stretching to meet round-the-clock deadlines, most people don’t have that kind of time anymore.

You can still let them come to your open house from wherever they are, with just the press of a button. How can you do this? The answer is simple – host a virtual open house. Viewers can enjoy a comprehensive tour of the property with a 360° view of the rooms, just like they would during an in-person visit.

Check out this open house script created by our friends over at Homespotter.

8 real estate marketing ideas that drive more sales

8. Use Google AdWords

Some techniques never fail, and running a paid ad campaign is one of them. Even as you dabble in all the other newer and more innovative ideas for real estate marketing, take some time out to run a targeted ad campaign with Google. It’s one of the quickest and surest ways to get your business listings out to your target audience.

The return on investment is also quite remarkable. PPC statistics show that businesses earn around $3 for every $1.60 spent on an AdWords campaign. That makes this strategy not only cost-effective but also lucrative. You can tap into this powerhouse of an idea by using Google AdWords to group your ads according to various criteria like location, keywords, and age.

A final word

Remember that your real estate advertising and marketing strategies don’t just need to be relevant; they also need to be futuristic. In a few years (if not already), a majority of your target audience is bound to be millennials. Understand what your potential customers expect of you and evolve your selling and marketing strategies accordingly. That way, you’ll always have a competitive edge over your peers.

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