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10 Insanely Simple Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

The real estate industry is never static. It is constantly in a state of flux – growing and evolving as new ideas replace older ones. At the heart of this industry are the customers who keep it afloat. Businesses and agents earn their bread by generating new real estate leads.

However, with an increasing number of players entering the real estate space in recent years, the game has gotten remarkably competitive. In such a fiercely ambitious industry, how do you stay ahead of the game? 

The answer lies in real estate lead generation.

How to get real estate leads in 10 simple steps:

10 Insanely Simple Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

1. Start video marketing (Difficulty: easy)

If you’re looking for a technique that can help you make a lasting impression on potential clients, video marketing is a powerful and effective strategy.

There are innumerable ways in which you can use real estate video marketing to your advantage. You could shoot the layout of the property and share the video on your website and other social platforms. But you could also take it further and record testimonials from previous clients or make a video that can help potential leads, such as a short clip about how to choose the right home. 

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2. Use social media (Difficulty: easy)

If you aren’t tapping into the power of social media for real estate in this day and age, you need a wake-up call. There are multiple networks out there that you can use to your advantage. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may be everyone’s obvious choice, but there are several other nearly-untapped channels.

Pinterest, for instance, is swarming with people looking for homes with grand, fine interiors. Use this platform to showcase the home on your list. Even LinkedIn is a great place to build connections and get potential leads.

3. Focus on content marketing (Difficulty: moderate)

What’s the point of having a blog, you wonder? Well, for starters, it can help increase the traffic to your site. You can share links to new posts on various social platforms, and your followers can get a look at your site if they follow through.

A blog also projects you as an expert in your industry and building that kind of image can be incredibly helpful in the long run. Of course, a blog is only as good as its content. So, try and get detailed, useful posts up there instead of merely recycled content.

4. Spend time on Real Estate forums (Difficulty: easy)

More often than not, when people go online and search for a query on search engines like Google, they come across forums where others have asked similar questions.

If you’re an expert in your field, these forums are great places to tap into potential leads. Spend a few minutes each day answering some of the most recurring queries. This way you can get some one-on-one exposure, and people who’re interested in buying, selling, or renting their homes can reach out to you directly for more advice.

5. Build your brand (Difficulty: high)

Even if you’re only just starting out, don’t shy away from creating your brand and promoting it wherever (and whenever) possible. Your brand is what will set you apart from your peers, and it’s what will get you noticed.

Wear branded merchandise when you attend informal events; they’re great conversation starters, and they’ll help you attract potential customers. Always carry a set of visiting cards with you and promote your brand unabashedly. If you don’t do it for your business, who else will?

6. Pursue expired listings (Difficulty: moderate)

Expired listings are either withdrawn listings or sales that just never went through. The customers behind these listings are often frustrated with the dead ends they’ve met.

So, you’ll need tact to wade through the pool of expired listings. But this is precisely why it’s a great, untapped resource that’s bursting with dormant leads. Most realtors shy away from following up on expired listings for fear of dealing with unsatisfied customers. But you can use that frustration to your advantage and turn a dead deal into a lucrative one.

7. Master the art of cold calling (Difficulty: moderate)

There are those who will tell you that the age of calling is passé. But the truth couldn’t be further from this. As long as there are phones, cold calling will continue to be effective. So, while your competition shrugs past this tried and tested technique in favor of other channels, why not take the leap and add this to your efforts?

Pick up the phone and call potential leads. You can often find these leads in listings that are put up for sale by the owner. Many owners may have listed their property themselves simply because they don’t know any realtor to seek help from. Be that guy and give them the hand they need.

10 Insanely Simple Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

8. Target divorce leads (Difficulty: easy)

A significant majority of couples who divorce tend to sell their home as part of the divorce settlements. It could be because of a court order, or even simply because one or both of the parties really want to get away from their old neighborhood.

You can help these couples sell their homes faster by getting in touch with them. Reach out to your contacts and build professional relationships with divorce attorneys in the neighborhood, so you can get in touch with a couple who need your help.

9. Sponsor a house-warming party (Difficulty: easy)

If you’ve just helped a client get the house of their dreams, why not join in on their celebration, right? If your client agrees, sponsor a housewarming party for them.

This is a great way to grow your network, and it gets positive word of mouth going. That’s a powerful thing, and it could make you the talk of the town. Couple this grand gesture with something as simple as handwritten thank you notes to clients, and you’ve practically struck gold.

10. Attend real estate events (Difficulty: easy)

Many realtors make the mistake of simply visiting real estate events in the hope of generating leads. But if you think about it, how well are you going to fare in an environment that has around 20 other experts competing for the same audience? The odds really aren’t in your favor.

A smarter thing to do would be to attend events not related to real estate so that you can network with more people and leave a more lasting impression that you would have at real estate mixers. 

Key takeaways

Real estate lead generation may not be easy, but it pays. All it takes is that you understand how and where to network and then pursue those channels smartly. Sure, you need to put in some hard work to get the ball rolling. But once you do, it takes on a smooth course of its own. The trick is to keep up with the times, remain relevant and keep generating real estate leads! Also, from a real estate agent or agency perspective, you have customer relationship management software integrated into your real estate application. By using the Real Estate CRM software system, you will have the ability to make better use of the workforce that you have, and they will benefit from that as well. That's why there are whole industries with real estate app development. Because this software works with the app, it implies that all of your sales staff and other employees can work from home, and it will incredibly improve your real estate lead generation process.

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