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Top 10 Must-Watch Real Estate Advertisements in 2019

In this digital era, videos have become an important part of marketing strategies employed by businesses all around the globe. Even the best photos are being trumped by videos now.

In fact, on average, people stay 2 minutes longer on sites with videos. And, considering the fact that around 4.3 million videos are viewed per minute on YouTube, why wouldn’t you want to add them to your marketing strategy?

For starters, an intro video is what you should start with. An introductory video is short and direct and tells the viewer everything they need to know about your business and the services you provide. Also, it sets the tone for the rest of your content.

Including a video on your real estate website’s homepage can be an effective way of getting your visitor’s attention. Ultimately, helping you tell a story, increase conversions, and bring your company to life. In fact, homepage videos increase conversions by 20% or more.

10 Real Estate ads to get inspiration from:

1. 27112 Highland Dr, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 (property listing)

This amazing video from Los Angeles based The Boutique Real Estate Group ticks all the boxes you’d want from an awesome listing video.

It shows what the property consists of in a very beautiful manner without breaking the link, going from the swimming pool to the gym.

It is professionally shot along with being cinematic. Instead of being a dull and boring tour, it captures the soul of the property. 

2. 600 Rustic Road (property listing)

This one is another beautiful ad shot by drones. The Agency boasts drone shots of the outdoor and indoor areas along with some shots of the beach.

Sure, your listing won’t be as dramatic but adding drone shots is an excellent way to humanise the luxurious content.

3. 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach (open house)

Miami properties tend to sell themselves because it’s Miami! In this video, the 1 Hotel and Homes South Beach team use low-key music to set a soothing tone that relaxes the viewers. 

They have made excellent use of natural light for beach decor. Along with that, the amazing seaside views from the residence are sure to pique buyers’ interest.

4. 477 25th St, Hermosa Beach CA 90254 (open house)

This “over-the-top”  video resonates with Partner Trust’s image of making high-end marketing approaches. It sets them apart from the competition.

This mini-movie consists of gorgeous slow-mo scenes and aerial shots that make it a sure-shot luxury listing video winner.

5. Watchcase, Sag Harbor, NY – Hamptons Real Estate (property listing)

This one is a multi-listing real estate video. Promoting a single listing is hard enough and promoting several of them only aggravates this challenge. 

Despite the challenging take of the video, it features aesthetically appealing shots of factory-turned-luxury-residences, it is hard to turn your eyes away from the crisp, high-resolution footage. 

6. David and Anna Solomon (agent profile)

The mother-son Solomon duo runs the Solomon Property Group. In this video, they lean towards the real estate industry which is their family business.

The upbeat music keeps the video exciting for the viewers while the duo mentions the driving principles behind their agency.

7.  Jennifer Skoff (agent profile)

Jennifer speaking directly into the camera makes her video interactive. Her focus is on helping clients through each step of the home buying process.

The speaking style displays that she wants to earn your business, build trust, and become your lifetime realtor.

8. Blair Haddow (agent profile)

Rather than speaking for himself, Blair features testimonials from clients to describe his work. It is an interesting way to enhance one’s credibility. 

This video shows clips from Blair’s clients, and him interacting with them for the supplement of testimonials. This way, the video portrays him as a well-respected agent.

9. Danny Baron (agent intro)

In the above video, Danny highlights the key traits which help him as a real estate agent: character, integrity, consistent communication, negotiation skills, and a positive attitude.

He builds trust with the viewers by talking about his past experiences and about what sets him apart from the competition.

10. Candace Decker (agent intro)

In this video, Candace comes across as a highly knowledgeable, approachable, and a down to earth agent. 

These are the exact qualities every buyer and seller wants from a Realtor.

What Are You Waiting For?

The above ten videos show what sets them apart from the competition and why you should watch them. They have a purpose and are short and to the point. Most importantly, the quality of the videos is astounding.

To make similar breathtaking videos for your real estate agency, contact us. We at Rocketium craft similar exemplary videos that generate leads and build a connection with your audience. 

Storytellers no longer need to worry about the complex software or expensive stock content, with Rocketium, video making is as it should be. Simple and hassle-free.

You get the flexibility of pro design tools with zero learning curve. In addition to this, we allow you to ideate, divide tasks, review projects and chat with the team on one platform through video collaboration.

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