This is how you can make videos from pictures and images using Rocketium:

  1. Go to the Rocketium editor. If you haven’t created an account, sign up here.

    Rocketium landing page

  2. Add pictures, text and voice-over

    The first step to create a video is to add the content. In the “Add Content” screen, you can add pictures, text captions and voice-overs.

    To add pictures:

    Search: By clicking on the search icon (magnifying glass), you can search for pictures from Rocketium’s library of over 15million free images.

    Upload: You can upload your own pictures by clicking on the upload icon (arrow pointing upwards).

    Drag & Drop: You can also drag the pictures you want to upload to the editor, and drop it.

    Rocketium video editor
    Add media in the Rocketium video editor

    To add voice-over:

    Click on the Voiceover icon next to the captions tab. Select the record option to record your voiceover for the scene or the upload option if you already have a pre-recorded audio file.

    Add voiceover
    Add voiceover in the Rocketium editor
  3. Select a theme

    Select a theme from Rocketium’s library of 40+ themes, categorized by relevance to your video. You can add effects, transitions, motion graphics, color and animations from the options available in the left panel.

    Theme selection
    Theme selection in Rocketium editor

    To customise the music, text styling, media styling, transitions or animations, you can browse the panel on your left.

    Music selection
    Music selection in Rocketium editor
  4. Publish

    Select the right orientation for your video. A landscape video is perfect for desktop viewing, a portrait video is perfect for mobile viewing and a square video is perfect for tablet viewing.

    Landscape video format in Rocketium
    Choosing the landscape video format in Rocketium

    Click on “Finish” to publish your video.


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