How to Make Real Estate Video From an Existing Database of Property Listings

As a member of the engineering team, and as a developer, there are several ways in which you can contribute to the business metrics of your real estate platform.

One of these is the ability to save time, manual work, and resources by allowing your marketing team to make real estate video by converting all your existing property listings to short, 1-minute real estate videos.

How does this help your marketing team?

Real estate marketers know how impactful videos can be. By allowing your marketing team to make thousands of videos in bulk, you can help them speed things up with their existing campaigns, run more experiments, and allow them to be more creative.

  • Easier to run A/B tests on video ads: When you run any real estate video ad campaign, it is important to experiment with different elements and find the winning formula – thumbnail, text color, background music, intro, outro, etc.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Search engines are a big source of organic traffic to most real estate platforms, especially localized search terms like “1BHK apartments for rent in Brooklyn”. Videos boost SEO, and by giving your marketing team a repository of videos for all your existing properties, you’re helping them grow this traffic exponentially.
  • High conversion and engagement: By adding a real estate video to your property listing page, an average user spends more time on your website. Videos are also a great way to convince your visitors to schedule a visit or an open-house tour.

How to create real state video from your database in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Generate your Rocketium API key

Before you get started, you need to generate a unique key that allows you to access Rocketium’s video API. If you haven’t created an account, sign up here.

Once logged in, you need to go to your Account Settings, and click on the API tab.

How to generate an API access token in Rocketium
How to generate an API access token in Rocketium

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Step 2: Call the Create Video API

The Create Video API lets you programmatically create real estate videos by combining images, video footage, text, and audio.

All you need to do is take the information of your existing properties from your database and send it to the Create Video API. If your data is in the JSON format, the process becomes much faster and easier. In case your database is lost, you can use hard drive recovery software.

You can customize the following settings of your video using this API:

Video customisation options

  • Number of scenes in a video
  • Number of captions per scene
  • The captions of every scene of the video
  • The images and video footage in each scene
  • Your brand's logo, intro, and outro
  • The background music of your video
  • Custom template built for your brand by our design team
  • Custom styles, animations, themes, and templates for your brand
  • Voice-over for each scene
  • The bitrate of your video

You can read more about the Create Video API here:

Step 3: Fetch video URLs using the Get Video API

Once the videos are generated, the next step is to put them up on your platform. Use the Get Video API to fetch the URLs of the generated videos.

If needed, you can also get all the videos in an MP4 file format and upload them to your platform.

Now, making videos of your existing properties in one go is a good solution to have, but for all future properties listed by your agents, you can build a system to generate videos in real time.

How to use video API to build different solutions for real estate video automation

As a developer, you know how versatile APIs are. Here are different solutions you can build to make video creation seamless and easy:

1. Google Sheet to video

You can enable your marketing team to make videos from a Google Sheet. Google Sheets support custom scripts and macros that you can either run manually or automatically.

By doing this, videos can be made based on the text entered in the cells in the spreadsheet, and the styles can be selected from custom drop-downs.

How to make real estate videos from Google spreadsheets

2. Form to video

Google Forms allow you to run custom scripts and macros that can be triggered automatically. Alternatively, you can build your own web-based, custom form for your agents.

Property owners and real estate agents can enter property details in the form, upload images, video footage, and you build a 'create video' checkbox for them. Once this box is checked, trigger the Create Video API to convert all the property info to a video, and when the listing goes live, you can upload the video there.

Create automated videos for your listings from web-based forms


By enabling your marketing team to make videos in bulk, you are helping them achieve their goals much faster, and with much higher efficiency.

If you've got any questions about video automation, APIs or how Rocketium can add more value to your real estate platform, feel free to drop a comment below or reach out to us here.

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