How To Make News Videos Using Rocketium

There are several types of videos that you can make if you are a digital journalist or an online publisher. In this article, I will explain how to make news style video using Rocketium.

How To Make News Videos – STORIES

STEP 1: Login to your Rocketium account

If you don’t have an account, you can create one by signing up via email, Facebook or Google. Once you are logged in, head over to the Editor.

STEP 2: Add Content

Click on “Notes” to open up the Notes panel. You can use this to jot down the points you are planning to include in the video. You can also use this to prepare a video script. This is quite handy if you want to refer multiple sources when you make news videos.

add notes when you make news videos

The Notes panel can also be used to import text and media from any URL. After you import the URL, you can select the desired text and add them to different scenes easily.

STEP 3: Add Media

Once your video script is ready, you can start adding media files. You can either upload your own images or video clips, or you can look for relevant files from Rocketium’s collection of over 1M royalty free media. This collection can be very useful, especially when you create news video online.

add media files when you make news videos

Pro tip: Uploading/selecting multiple media files, automatically adds them to different scenes.

You can optionally add a voice over to each scene by clicking on the voiceover icon. You can either upload a mp3 file or record using the microphone of your device.

add voiceover when you make videos

STEP 4: Style your video

After you have finalised the content of your video, hit Continue in the top right to move to the Preview screen of the Editor.

Protip: Let the last scene of your video be an outro with a CTA. For example, if you wish to show this video to your social media audience, you can add a CTA along the lines of “Subscribe for more” or “Like and Share this video”

In the Preview screen of the Editor, you will find lots of styling options on the left panel. The first option is to select a built-in theme. Before you select a theme, make sure you preview it to see if it goes well with the content of the video.

You have the freedom to customise some elements of the theme like background music, caption color, caption position, font, borders, animations, etc. You can also preview your video at any time by clicking play in the Preview pane.

More customising options can be unlocked by subscribing to one of the plans. You can check them out here.

STEP 5: Finish

Once you have finalised the video, click on Finish and this window will pop up. Set a title, add some tags to categorise your videos better and hit Done.

finalising the news video

Note: If you wish to save the settings you have selected for this current video, you can check Save as Theme, and you will find this as a user created theme in the Theme panel, the next time you open the Editor.

STEP 6: Share

You can share your videos on different social media channels like Facebook (personal profile, pages you admin and the Ad Library), Twitter, YouTube and Brightcove directly. Make sure to link your social media handles with Rocketium.

share your news videos directly

BONUS READ: Using the Translate feature.

You can instantly translate your videos into 100+ languages with one click. This is especially helpful if you are planning to target a specific audience by showing them video ads in their language.

If you haven’t created a Rocketium account yet, visit here!

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