Tribute Video Software: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing A Solution

Making a tribute video is all about honoring the already passed and sharing a moment in remembrance of their life. Creating such videos require tools that help bring out the right emotion in the simplest ways possible. This involves understanding your need and selecting the right video making software.

Different systems have free software which can be used for video making. iMovie by Apple, Windows Movie Maker by Windows, and some by Adobe are among the common ones. Some usually come along with your system and are free to use. Unfortunately, they may not be the ideal solution for a tribute video.

Certain video editing platforms are designed to work better with visuals, text, and audio. They help apply the subtle effect necessary in tribute videos while keeping it user-friendly. Their automation features also help make the sequencing simple and fast.

Here, I’ve curated five things you must consider before you select your Tribute Video software.

Visuals: It adds color to your tribute video

A good tool is one that makes it easy for you to select from a wide range of visuals. This means that the software provides you a library filled royalty-free images and stock footage. A wide range of appropriate visuals can truly help bring together the tribute video if your collection of personal visuals fall short.

A funeral slideshow is a sensitive affair and it needs to be treated as such. This means adding peaceful visuals to help viewers feel a sense of respect for the life being remembered in the tribute. Often, the personal stock of material falls short here, and an automated video maker that provides you with peaceful visuals helps bridge that gap.

When working with automated software for memorial videos, the ease with which you can upload and use your loved one’s images and other personal visuals can make all the difference. So before you select your software and proceed, make sure you can:

  1. Access peaceful visuals, stock footage, and royalty-free images.
  2. Upload and use personal visuals with ease
  3. Combine and use personal content along with stock material

Sound: It adds depth to your tribute video

We’ve noticed that selecting the right music has been tough for people using most automated video software. There is only so much one can fish online before settling for a track that they end up disliking. This is not the experience you must have while dedicating a memorial tribute. 

Finding the right balance between the visuals and the sounds can be a pleasant effort when you are assisted with a good collection of tracks. 

We’ve compiled a library with thousands of good soundtracks where you are sure to find the perfect tribute music. The right sounds would be those that fit in perfectly with the visuals. It is important that the software you finally proceed with offers you such multiple track options, because even if you have certain songs in mind, timing the audio perfectly with the visuals comes naturally with certain tracks. Furthermore, being that a memorial video lasts 5 -7 minutes, it usually requires more than one song to fill the entire length. A library eases this selection process and helps you apply smooth audio transitions that are essential to such tribute videos.

When deciding upon which software to create with, always consider how well it allows you to reflect the personality of the deceased in the video. When done right, the soundtrack complements the visuals, evokes a sense of peace, and maintains the subtle flow of the tribute. 

Branding: It helps bring the tribute video together

Powerful video editing is a rare feature in automated video creation. With funeral slideshows, It is the freedom to add and remove clips, switch up the sequence and edit the transitions for both picture frames and audio.

A problem with most ‘free’ automated video software is that too many of them apply a mandatory watermark in your videos. When it comes to a memorial video, this type of branding may hardly be an appropriate addition. Fortunately, Rocketium allows you to create a video without a watermark.

Good tools allow you to create a clean, brand-free video while also making it solid through video customization features. For instance, applying filters like ‘Black & White’, ‘Dynamic’ or ‘Sepia’ helps in adjusting the tone of the images or clips. You can also customize the font options for the text you add and adjust the colors to your liking. The use of smooth transition effects like ‘Fade in’ and ‘Fade out’ further help to maintain the video’s smooth flow. Adding an Intro and Outro to the tribute helps wrap up the content in a neat manner.

When used sparingly, video editing and custom effects tie the different elements of the tribute together and help give it a professional touch. 

Remember, the effects you use must complement the video style, and maintain focus on the life events of the one being remembered.

Sharing: It allows people to reminisce when they need it most

Everyone might not be able to attend the funeral. This includes distant relatives and close friends who meant a lot to the person but were unable to make it. It is important to consider how you would like to share the video across with them as well as the attendees. Today, CDs may not be convenient to use, and regular flash drives may be an expensive affair. Do also keep in mind the elderly members of the family who may wish for a hard copy of the tribute. For the others, sharing a link to your tribute video can be the most convenient way to go.

One of the best ways to do this would be to share it with them on social media. That way, you make it easier for them to pass it on to other members of the family whom you may not be familiar with. While choosing your automated video maker, it is very important to consider if the software allows you to share it directly on social websites. Videos are generally large files and not having the direct share feature can mean a lengthy upload and download procedure.

Also, don’t forget to check the compatibility of the formats. Formats refer to the configuration that the video is made/saved in. Always check with the funeral equipment to determine the format that works best. Popular formats like MP3, MP4, MOV (a popular apple format that is compatible with windows), etc, are usually the safe options to go for. Remember, do not sacrifice video quality for format or size. Check for available options before finalizing.

While playing the video at the ceremony, check with your funeral director beforehand for the options available. If possible, you can even use a wireless feature to play the video directly to the smart TV. Do be sure to consider these options when you are selecting your automated video software.

Scaling: Create professional tribute video for others as a service

For you, it is important to consider your scale of work requirements while choosing the software. Consider this situation:

You take one hour to manually create one memorial video for one client. This means that it would take you 24 hours to make 24 such videos. Each successive video would take an equal amount of time, even though you are doing the same thing.

The table below shows how you scaling options help improve your productivity and saving on expenses (‘x’ is the collective expense of time, money, etc. you would spend on 1 video)

 Client RequestsTotal Time RequiredTotal Expense Incurred
Manual2424 hoursx*24 
Automated240.25 hourx*0.25

Your ideal software solution is one that would allow you to scale its automation feature to handle your workload. With automation, you would be able to build all of those 24 videos simultaneously. 

This gives you the opportunity to cater to more clients using the same resources, with the same time frame, and with better structure. You would also be afforded more time to spend on video arrangements. You can improve upon the content sequencing and the audio-visual blend while focusing on expressing the best possible emotions through the video. 

The right scaling solutions will help you equip yourself for the future as it allows you to increase your revenue and become experienced at providing meaningful tribute videos


The right software is one that can make it the easiest for you to bring out the emotion you are looking for. This means packaging the content and music in a moving way that helps complete the ceremony. It is only wise to consider the features we’ve discussed before going ahead.

Choosing the right software can not only impact how the video turns out, but it can also impact how long you make such videos. Because for those who plan to do it professionally for others, this is an important decision.

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