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5 Free Real Estate Video Templates For Your Website

In my previous post, I explained how you can implement video marketing for your real estate website – this included using videos for lead generation, conversion, lead nurturing, engagement, and personalized campaigns. To make different kinds of videos, here are some free real estate video templates you can use:

1. Property listing videos

Videos that feature a complete overview of your properties can be used to achieve the following goals:

  • Lead generation
  • SEO
  • Website conversion
  • Engagement
  • Sales
Example of a property listing video built from this real estate video template
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How to use this video template for real estate lead generation

Lead generation is a HUGE challenge faced by most real estate marketers. Getting new traffic and leads to your website can be difficult, particularly due to the growing number of online platforms that allow people to buy, rent, and sell properties.

There are two ways in which this real estate video template can be used to generate more leads for your agents. The first one is to make a video for each property in your database and uploading it to your listing page.

Videos help in improving your ranking on the result pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. By including a video, the visitors spend more time on an average and have a higher intent of interacting with your website. Search engines keep a note of this behavior and automatically show the real estate websites with videos, higher than those websites without. This is how videos improve SEO. Improving the SEO of your website is important, especially when it comes to local SEO. For search terms like, “2BHK for rent in New York”, or “House for rent in Manhattan”, your website should rank higher than your competitors – and a video from this template will guarantee that!

The other way of using this video template is to create video ads. Video ads on social media have proven to have a CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of 1.84%, the highest of all digital ad formats. With the right practices of ad targeting, you can get a positive ROI by using video ads made from this template.

Alternatively, you could build a video chat app where you can show real estate to your audience on the air, thereby quickly answering questions.

Check out a few Real Estate digital marketing strategies listed by our friends over at NextScoop here.

Benefits of personalizing this video template

Personalization in videos opens up a lot of innovative ways to improve customer acquisition, retention, and conversion. Here is how you can personalize this video template:

• Make personalized video ads based on property location to acquire relevant users

Based on user behavior, you can create re-targeting ads to bring them back to your website. For example, you can create video ads of properties in each city and when users who have browsed for houses in specific cities go to social media, they will be shown relevant property videos.

• Include videos in all personalized email campaigns

Did you know that a person receives an average of 88 emails per day? By personalizing your emails, you can improve the chances of someone opening your email (email open rate) and taking an action, like a click (click through rate).

• Create personalized rich media push notifications

If you have a mobile app, you can send videos and images as notifications which will be seen on the locked screen. Personalized videos of properties your users have visited before or have browsed on your website can now be sent as push notifications on their mobile or tablet.

Create personalized videos in minutes!

Use Rocketium’s video API to make multiple personalized videos from your database or CRM. Easy and hassle-free integration in minutes.

2. Real estate agent profile videos

Videos of real estate agents, or profile videos, are a great way to build trust and credibility.

Example of a real estate agent video built from this real estate video template
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How to use this video template for lead generation

Agent videos can be put up on social media as video advertisements. Here is an idea for a campaign: Create a video series of your top agents from different cities with the messaging "your home, our responsibility" and use them to attract people who are looking for a new home to move in to.

As I mentioned earlier, videos also contribute to SEO. By uploading a video for each agent, you improve your ranking on results where anyone is looking for trusted realtors.

You can also send agent profile videos via email to users who have just signed up, as an introduction email. This is a good way to get their needs and a list of requirements before you start sharing recommended property videos.

3. Video ads for real estate websites

Video advertisements let you reach a wider, more targeted audience through social media and other display ad networks.

Example of a website video ad made from this real estate video template
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How to use this video template to make display ads for social media

The secret to running a successful ad campaign is to give someone a solution to a problem they are facing when they are facing it.

You can ensure this by creating different user segments and making a relevant video for each segment. For example, the video above will get more clicks on it if it is shown to people who are looking for a new house to move in to in New York. By changing the name of the city in the first scene, the same video advertisement can be used to target people looking for properties in different cities.

👉 Check out some best practices to pick the right size for social media videos here.

4. Video catalog for property listings

This video template is custom made for property builders who deal with commercial real estate. However, luxury real estate dealers can also benefit by creating a video reel of their list of properties.

Example of a multiple property video listing made from this real estate video template
Use Template

You can use this video template to make a personalized video. The different personalized fields you can add to this video template are:

  • Property type. You can share videos of new apartments, villas, or farmhouses added to your collection based on your users' scheduled visits or browsing history.
  • Location. Create multiple videos and run them as advertisements on social media and other ad display networks to get relevant traffic.
  • User information. The first scene of your video can contain information like the user's name or his list of requirements.

These videos can be put up on social media as retargeting ads, and can also be sent via emails or rich media push notifications to drive engagement.

5. Testimonial videos

Customer testimonials can greatly improve the conversion rate of visitors to your website to customers. This is because they add legitimacy to your website and make people more willing to trust you with their needs.

Example of a testimonial video made from this real estate video template
Use Template

Do you want custom video templates for your real estate platform?

This list of five templates listed above is all that is required to take your real estate video marketing game one step closer to execution. These video templates will boost traffic, generate leads, grow your user base, improve ROI from ads on social media, and increase conversion.

If you’d like to explore some more templates, or if you have something very specific in mind, reach out to me by commenting below, or by signing up for Rocketium and giving me a shoutout through our web chat!

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