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Design Automation – Key insights from the top 4 agencies of the world

The striking visual creatives are a combination of multiple elements. It includes catchy copy, personalized image, GIF’s or video clips & a brilliant call to action.

Visuals increase the inclination to interact with the brand by 80%. Though most of the brands realise the importance of visual creatives, the defiance is because of the scale.

Each brand has their own preference when it comes to the channels they want to target. Irrespective of the channels they choose what remains constant is the need for visual creatives to hold the attention of the target audience for longer.

Every channel comes with its own aspect ratio requirements. Also, every campaign demands a trivial update to existing creatives. How to counter these multitudes of requirements, at once, in seconds?

Enter Design Automation.

Why you need Design Automation?

As we recall, one of our clients from the largest agency in the U.S was churning out close to 120 variations of creatives. And they would double it down for all the platforms they were targeting.

To sum it up, it’s a lot of redundant, repetitive & manual work for one to get through.

Another aspect that needs highlighting here is the importance of experimentation. To identify the scope & measure the performance of a creative & double down on the results – enabling faster experiments is the optimized approach.

Lastly, personalization. The sign of a great campaign is understanding the target audience & effective personalization using creatives at an individual or cohort level.

Design Automation technology

Agencies using Rocketium across the globe use the following technology to automate creatives-

  • UI- based creation
  • Programmatic creation

How does design automation work

The process begins with the creation of the template. The template varies based on the type of the campaign – Image template, video template. The templates are customizable as per the customer requirements.

UI based – creation

Set up client-specific brand-compliant templates on campaign. The templates are individualized & the respective brand-specific templates are accessible only to the assigned customers. The client then picks the specific template exclusively built for them in the desired aspect ratio to create omnichannel adapts in a go.

Once the template is chosen & set, the easy drag & drop interface makes it easier to generate creatives. The form-based interface modifies content & generates multiple variants to the creative in seconds.

Our clients look at creating thousands of variants in one shot. They prefer to choose the spreadsheet interface which is the most feasible & stressfree approach to create variants at scale.

Firstly, add Rocketium plugin to a spreadsheet, enter all the design elements you wish to see in your creatives separated by the column. Import it to campaign interface & you’ll see all the variants at once.

Programmatic creation

There is another way to scale production of creatives at scale without manual intervention. With the in-house developer support, it’s possible to generate creatives in variations of your choice at scale programmatically.

Use cases where agencies use this –

  • When their clients are in need a lot of variants for a multitude of products. For ex: eCommerce, automobile etc.
  • Personalization & share it with individual or cohorts.

Why are agencies embracing design automation

Cost savings

From brand awareness to retargeting the creative requirement for all campaigns can be customized & automated with minimal effort & fraction of cost.

Business Opportunity

With the focus away from generating variations to creatives, agencies can divert their resources to ideation. By proposing clients innovative ways to execute a campaign at scale & personalize for maximum conversion & retention they strengthen the relationship.

The other opportunity for agencies is in presenting a platform for clients to generate creatives as per their design guidelines on their site. They achieve this by white labelling our button product.

Examples of agencies who’ve embraced design automation & found success

Catalogue listing videos:

The agency went on to create 20,000+ property catalogues listing videos. Their objective behind creating videos at such a large scale was to –

  • Drive more traffic from YouTube SEO
  • Increase website conversions

To achieve this magnificent number they used our code based platform(automate using API)

Popular use cases(Real-Estate):

  • Open house invitations
  • Personalized recommendation
  • Agent profile videos
  • Personalized greetings

Cart abandonment banners for an eCommerce brand

Agency automated the creatives for a client who has tackling cart abandonment issues. The key objective was to –

  • Drive higher CTR’s for cart abandonment emails
  • Increase sales & revenue.

The product they used to achieve this is Rocketium code(automate using API)

Popular use cases(eCommerce)

  • Sales/Offer
  • Personalized in-app banners
  • Reviews & testimonials
  • Gamification

Dynamic video ads for the largest Asian gaming brand

The primary use case is for performance marketing. Since the world has been hit by Pandemic there is a sharp spike in users indulging in online games – 50% spike to be specific since March.

The agency was looking to help their clients by dynamically pushing ads using a simple spreadsheet interface. The objective of this ad is to –

  • Drive higher app installs.

The product they used to achieve this feat Campaign UI- based.

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Design Automation – Key insights from the top 4 agencies of the world from Vineetha Shetty

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