How to Scale Video Production Efficiently

It is simple to manage videos if you rarely make them. It is easier to track who was involved and how the script of the video content was built. But what happens when you scale video production and have multiple video campaigns running simultaneously? What do you do when you want to know who was involved in making a particular video? How do you manage video creation, review, distribution and ...

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Rocketium and Soundstripe : Create Videos with Premium Music

We're excited to partner with Soundstripe and give access to a new collection of over 10,000 royalty-free background music tracks, for our users inside Rocketium. How to use Soundstripe tracks in Rocketium? You'll find these background music tracks inside your Rocketium Editor. STEP 1: Go to the Editor Visit, or access it from inside your Dashboard. STEP 2: Click on 'Continue' After you've decided the video script and have added your content, click CONTINUE to process to the ...

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Access over 65 billion UGC in Rocketium

Rocketium is excited to announce a new integration with Lobster. This integration gives our users access to 65 billion UGC (User Generated Content) within Rocketium. To know the importance of UGC in your videos, you can give this article a read. How to use Lobster images in Rocketium? You'll find these images inside your Rocketium Editor. STEP 1: Go to the Editor Visit, or access it from inside your Dashboard STEP 2: Click on 'Search' STEP 3: Enable ...

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Introducing the Notes feature

Usually while making videos, I first make a script. I determine the flow, the media assets and the text to use in this script. Then I decide the number of scenes the video requires, and the number of captions to include in each scene. I used to keep these notes on a text file, or on Pastebin. But moving back and forth from the notes and the Rocketium Studio was time ...

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how to add subtitles to videos

How To Add Subtitles to Video?

When it comes to social media, viewer engagement is critical. Adding subtitles to your videos is as important as adding music. You must use subtitles to make your audience understand and contextualize your video content. All of us understand the importance of having subtitles in a video but how exactly do we add subtitles to video, is the question that intrigues all of us. [Tweet "If you cater to a global audience, subtitles ...

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Changes to the Editor

UPDATES Introducing a new look of the Rocketium Editor. You can now scroll through all your added content seamlessly. You can also search for your content now by Ctrl + F/ Cmd + F and navigate to it instantly. How do I clone or delete a scene? How do I add a scene? How do I reorder or delete captions? How do I preview my uploaded video? Check out the new UI now!

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