How to add music to a video?

Background Music, as you know, plays an important role in your videos. If used right, it can boost your video engagement scores on your social media pages.

Below I’m going to show you how to make videos with music.

How to add background music for a video:

STEP 1: Login to Rocketium, the free video making tool

If you haven’t done it already, head over to Rocketium and create an account. Rocketium is a free online video maker.

create an account with rocketium


STEP 2: Go to the Rocketium Editor

After your account has been created and you’re logged in, head over to the Editor by clicking on “Create Video”. Here you are introduced to a blank canvas.

STEP 3: Add the content for your video

Upload your images/video clips or browse the built-in collection of over 1M royalty free media from Storyblocks, Videoblocks, Pixabay, Pexels, and Flickr.

how to add images in video
Adding images to your video

Protip: Select multiple media to automatically add them to multiple scenes

Here, you can add text and voiceover for each scene as well. You have some text styling options like highlight and italicise. You can either upload a voiceover, or use your device’s mic to record your own.

how to add voiceover to video
Adding a voiceover to your video

STEP 4: Click ‘Continue’

Once you have finalised the video script, and have added all the media files and text, click Continue. This will take you to the Preview & Customize screen where you can preview your video, and get customize options.

how to click continue

STEP 5: Go to ‘Music’ to select background music for your video

In the Preview & Customise screen, you will find a lot of styling options in the left tab. Click on ‘Music’ to get a list of the music tracks available for selection.

how to select background music for your video
Clicking Music lets you select a background music track

STEP 6: Select a music genre

The list of available genres is: Acoustic, Calm, Cheerful, Classic, Comical, Country, Bright, Dramatic, Electronic, Fast, Inspirational, Rock, Serious, Urban and Vocal.

If you need help selecting a genre, read ‘Tips to select the perfect music track for my video’

how to select music genre

If you want to customise the volume level of your background music, click on Scene > Volume and use the slider there to adjust the volume.

STEP 7: Click ‘Finish’

After you have finalised the video and its orientation, click on Finish to publish your video.

how to publish a video
Adjusting volume of background music and clicking Finish

STEP 8: Share to social media or download video

You can either share your video to Facebook (personal profile, pages you admin, Ad Library), Twitter, YouTube, Dropbox and Brightcove directly.

how to share your video to social media
Sharing your video to social media directly

You can also download the video file from the Dashboard.

download video file
Download your video file from the Dashboard

Adding the right background music to your videos can make or break the viewer’s experience. You can influence the viewer’s decision by using the right music track.

Here are some tips to select the perfect music track for your video.

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