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10 marketing automation tools for SMB success in 2020

Measuring the marketing automation strategy that you are employing right now for your business is important as it ensures faster business growth. You can achieve this along with saving a lot of time with marketing automation. But to really reap the advantages of automation, utilizing the correct tools holds even more significance.

Marketing automation will automate all your digital marketing errands so that you are able to emphasize on the larger picture. Contemporary marketing automation tools enable you to connect with users in personalized ways for making it seem natural & entirely individual. Automation can assist you in generating fresh leads and also build conviction in customers.

Grow your business immensely with these fantastic marketing automation tools:

Constant Contact

Among the top marketing automation tools, Constant contact must be the first choice for SMBs as it automates email campaigns. An easy to use advertising solution, by this you can get hands-on emails that are high-converting for the subscribers. There are tools as well for enhancing the email list. In fact, you can actually design emails in no time with the drop and drag email builder feature. There are prêt-à-porter email templates that you can customize for sending emails rapidly.

5 top features of Constant Contact:

  • Customized message sending to users
  • Crafting vibrant sign-up forms for growing the list
  • Tracking email results possible in real-time
  • Powerful integrations
  • Incorporates polls & surveys for collecting user feedback

Active Campaign

Used by more than 90,000 small businesses, this is one of the highly effective small business marketing tools in the current times. The platform is equipped with the noteworthy visual automation sequence builder as well. In the context of marketing automation tools, it is a highly intuitive one that enables you to develop multifaceted automated sequences with absolutely no support. The automation sequences hone themselves by using machine learning via automation split tests, predictive sending and predictive content. This is one of the most economical tools in the current market today.

The 2 top features of Active Campaign:

  • The constant release of new features such as attribution and site messages
  • Users can import & share the automation recipes with few clicks for building sequences put up by Active Campaign community


Amongst the best small business CRM tools, Optin Monster is the finest lead generation software for every type of website. It employs robust technology called Exit-Intent that converts your ditching website visitors into customers & subscribers. It is a highly user-friendly software that helps in building robust opt-in campaigns. The marketing strategy can be anything; you can adjust & test in real-time.

7 features of Optin Monster:

  • Produce more leads with A.B testing feature
  • Complete control over all marketing campaigns
  • Automated message sending to users
  • Instantaneous behavior automation
  • Canvas available for designing your preferred campaign types
  • Actionable insights for enhancing campaigns
  • Picture perfect integrations with numerous tools


Highly sought-after marketing software for small business, with Autopilot you get hands-on a gorgeously designed canvas that lets you build the best email automation sequences. Annotate the sequences with explanations, emojis, and stickers that make it easier for teams to work together on building the sequences. The software can also trigger actions in the other tools within Autopilot. By this, sequences can be apprehended far more easily. The software comes with first-rate reporting.

5 features of Autopilot:

  • Unrestricted custom fields
  • Bulk data export and import
  • HTML email editor
  • Trigger automation that is action-based
  • Advanced technologies enable built-in integrations


With Sendinblue, you will find numerous small business digital marketing tools that automate advertising strategies like never before. There is a robust toolbox accessible for engaging audiences, planning campaigns easily and generating leads. You can communicate with users in the best way with marketing automation tools found within the realm of Sendinblue. This incorporates SMS, ads, email, landing page templates, etc.

4 top features of Sendinblue:

  • Integrations with products, plugins, and tools
  • There are landing page templates allocated for every campaign
  • Email heatmap available for enhancing campaign designs
  • CRM for tracking consumer details in a single place


If you are a content creator or a blogger, ConvertKit is one of the simplest marketing campaign tools you will come across. You can expect to enhance engagement to a large extent as the software encourages you to send simple text emails. This option is very economic as well. However, this marketing software for small businesses is only applicable to businesses that are content-based.

5 top features of ConvertKit:

  • Custom segmenting
  • Broadcasts
  • Custom textures and patterns
  • Click through tracking
  • Automation blueprints


Looking for small business CRM tools? If yes, then Drip is the one for you that is mainly for virtual shops. You can craft an effective automated marketing strategy as the software collects the customer data. Each and every action of the subscribers can be tracked on the website and depending on the various actions they take; you can customize the email marketing.

The featured that come with Drip:

  • Split testing for enhancing campaigns
  • Germane personalization for all subscribers
  • Analytics & revenue optimization
  • Integrates with renowned services


On the lookout for top marketing automation tools that let you fabricate powerful marketing campaigns with just a few clicks? HubSpot is the one for you that is a service and marketing software. Here you can find resources that you can utilize for learning automation from professionals. You can monitor the behavior of website visitors & follow up with modified mails for sharing discounts and offers with them.

4 of the many top features in HubSpot:

  • Automated lead scoring
  • Free of charge email marketing tools
  • Inspiring customer support attributes
  • Conversational bots & live chat


Ecommerce companies when looking for efficient small business social media tools can revert to Omnisend. On this platform, you can expect integrations with Facebook & Whatsapp for automating your marketing across various channels. The email templates are fantastic that will decrease cart abandonment and drive more product reviews.

The features that make Omnisend a must-have:

  • Segmentation
  • Make emails great with drop and drag builder, newsletters, etc
  • Forms
  • SMS marketing


Considered as one of the best small business financial management tools, Rejoiner is for you if you want to hand over the management of your marketing automation to an expert team. The platform is very intuitive. It is personalized for SaaS and E-commerce businesses where cumulative enhancements can lead to huge uplifts in the revenue.

Listed below are the top features for Rejoiner:

  • Customer data is SSL encrypted
  • Testing two email campaigns alongside each other are possible
  • Deliver emails at the time of maximum impact generation


When choosing marketing automation tools, deliverability, support, training, and security need to be considered first. Depending on your particular business requisites, you need to choose small business marketing tools. Connect with us today to learn more from our marketing automation experts today.

Manan G

Manan G

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