Scene 1

Meet Omkar Nath Sharma, the 80-year-old resident of Delhi

Scene 2

popularly known as the ‘Medicine Baba’, he voluntarily collects unused medicines
from people and distributes them to the poor free of charge
He has been doing this for the past seven years

Scene 3

Omkar retired as a blood bank technician from Kailash Hospital in Noida

Scene 4

After witnessing how under-equipped the public hospitals were
and how unaffordable treatment is for poor labourers
Omkar decided to start his own little supply chain

Scene 5

What makes Omkar’s act commendable is his own struggle for survival

Scene 6

He lives in a rented room with his wife
and Jagmohan, his 45-year-old mentally challenged son

Scene 7

Omkar walks around five to six kilometres every day
as he cannot afford the Delhi metro

Scene 8

He walks to the remote areas where buses don’t take him

Scene 9

He says, "I distribute medicines worth Rs 4-6 lakh every month."

Scene 10

He, however, makes no money
and continues plying the streets with a sense of pride

Scene 11

In his own special way, he has helped make Delhi a kinder, happier city

Scene 12

We salute him for his incredible effort

Scene 13